About S4 Digital

Professional Website Design & SEO Agency based in Parkdale, Melbourne

S4 Digital is a boutique Australian web design agency from the beautiful bayside suburb of Parkdale, Melbourne Victoria. We are a family owned and operated business. 


S4 Digital’s sole focus is on helping our clients acheiving the results in the digital space. Whether it is creating their online presense so they can be easily found by potential customers, increasing website traffic, getting more leads, sales and a lot more.


We pride ourselves in providing a personalised service to our clients and genuinely want to help businesses succeed online.

We love parterning with local businesses to provide clear, simple, high quality web design, SEO and website hosting services.

Our Digital Marketing Expertise and Qualifications

  • Certified in WordPress Website Development (eBusiness Institute)
  • Champions Masters Program (eBusiness Institute)
  • Master of Engineering (Electrical) (University of Queensland)
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) (University of Auckland)
  • Chartered Professional Engineer (Engineers Australia)
  • National Engineering Register (Engineers Australia)
eBusiness Institute Digital Training and Certification
eBusiness Institute Digital Training and Certification


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Our Story

With a background in Electrical Engineering, my passion for web design and the exciting world of online business led to the starting a digital marketing agency – S4 Digital. 

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Sri Ragunathan

Founder. Principal Web Design & SEO

web designer s4 digital

Sindhu Sriram

Web Design & Business Operations

Our Purpose

We want to create excellent, functional, mobile responsive, custom websites that are carefully optimised for local SEO to generate high quality leads for our clients. The digital presense created by us must makes a positive impact on our Client’s business and their ideal customers. We want to provide outstanding value to our customers and we will go the extra mile for acheive that!

Our Process

  • STEP 1: Listen & Understand. We listen to you, your business needs and what precisely you are trying to get from the online world. We take in your inputs, understand your niche, the keywords that your target customers will use. This takes time and we do it thorough.
  • STEP 2: Research & Plan. We review the info we have gathered. Research the market for your specific industry. This is a critical step. The foundations of your website’s SEO are laid here.
  • STEP 3: Build. We propose the design. Then, build an effective, mobile responsive, functional website.
  • STEP 4: Feedback & Fine Tune. Regularly communicate with you during the project build stage to ensure we are on the same page. We take your feedback on the initial demo site and perform any final changes.
  • STEP 5: Testing. Thorough testing to ensure there is nothing amiss functionality wise prior to launch.
  • STEP 6: Launch! 
  • STEP 7: Handover & Support. We dont just abandon you once the website’s up! We run comprehensive handover session with you. We also offer ongoing support packages if you would like S4 Digital to run and maintain your website.

Our Values

Trust is the bedrock to all relationships. 


When you entrust us (or anyone for that matter) to build your something of value (like a website), you would expect them to adhere and live by certain fundamental values. 


…Someone who is trustworthy, 

…someone who is competant,

…someone who loves what they are doing, 

…someone who cares about your business and will strive to work to provide what your customers are looking for. And, most importantly, 

…someone who will rise up to the occasion when things go wrong. 



As business owners ourselves, we embody and live by these qualities. 


At S4 Digital, we believe in:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • High quality work
  • Commitment
  • Customer Focus
  • Collaboration
  • Reliable communication



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